Development Vlog #8 Breakdown

New Weapons, Items, Locations, System Improvements and More

New Weapons
Changes to the Medical System
Changes to the Weapons System
Improvements to the Inventory System
New Main Menu
New Animal AI
Ambient Occlusion and World Streaming
New Locations
New Items
New Mesh for the Gore System

A breakdown of Development Vlog #8, posted on June 17th, 2019.

Author Note: This post was made during the Dead Matter development and some of the information provided may be outdated at the time of reading. Some of the images in this post are screenshots from a video, we apologize for the blurriness and low quality.

New Weapons

Several new weapons have been added to the game:
AS Val
Lee-Enfield (In three variants)
SIG Sauer P226
M1911 (New tactical variant featuring glow sights)
.22 Pistol

Changes to the Medical System

The medical system has been rewritten from scratch, it can now apply different conditions to different body parts, allowing for a much more detailed and realistic handling of possible injuries.
At the same time it is more user-friendly now, you can see what is affecting your character at a glance.

Changes to the Weapons System

The code behind how weapons work has also been completely rewritten.
The reticle inside some weapon sights can now be changed on-the-fly.
New bullet impact effects.
Recoil, spread and sway have been improved.
Legendary weapons will have a scratched on, persistent kill-count, even after the owner changes.
Laser pointer and flashlight attachments have been added and you can toggle between them. Your selection will be remembered when holstering and re-equipping the weapon.

Improvements to the Inventory System

A lot of work has gone into the inventory system; UI improvements as well as optimizations on the backend.
The grid-density has been increased to allow for more accurate item sizes.
New tooltips and item icon renderers.
Items are now categorized by color.
Items that contain other items (Vests and such) can now be unequipped without emptying them before. However the total weight will stay the same.
Container items can now be damaged, resulting in damaged cells, which will be unable to hold items anymore. How many cells are destroyed is linked to the overall condition of the container item. I.e. If your backpack is 50% damaged, half of its cells will be unusable. Of course, you'll be able to repair items to restore the lost cells.
The new toolbelt will allow for important items to be stored in it, such as compass, radio, lighter, binoculars, keyring, wallet, map and GPS. What makes the toolbelt special, is the fact that these items will be persistent in your inventory, meaning you'll keep them after dying between characters. This will not be the case on hardcore servers however.
Hotkeys are now more flexible and can be rebound to your heart's content. However you'll have to put items into holster slots to be quickly available, things from your backpack for example cannot be drawn in the heat of battle.

New Main Menu

A new main menu has been created, still work in progress, it has a server browser working hand-in-hand with steam and all the graphics and audio settings you could wish for. Allowing you to tweak FOV, motion blur, bloom and much more.

New Animal AI

A brand new animal AI system has been implemented, but no details have been reveled on how it works, in the Vlog we see some deer and a flock of birds.

Ambient Occlusion and World Streaming

Ambient Occlusion volumes have been added, allowing for fine tuning of darkness levels inside buildings.
The way world streaming works has been changed, it is now possible for the devs to define certain areas in the world to contain random sets, such as military checkpoints or NERA camps. Locations can now also be linked together, giving the devs more flexibility on constructing how the world works.

New Locations

As usual, Shirk and the art team have been busy populating the Gameworld with new buildings and locations. A new town, new structures, a new motel variant, new gas station variants, a new mountain resort, and much more. Just take a look for yourself...

New Items

3D-Artist Nomad has created some new items for the game.
Emergency trauma bandage
Bandage roll
Emergency heating pad
Lighters in different variants including a Zippo
Various keys and keyrings
Head and Chest mounted flashlights

New Mesh for the Gore System

A new mesh for the gore system has been created by TogDoothGC, but the implementation of it is in very early stages at this point, but it will give you an idea on what to expect.


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