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A list of Frequently Asked Questions about Dead Matter.

General Questions

What is Dead Matter?
Dead Matter is an open world zombie survival game, you can learn more about the game here.
When will Dead Matter be released?
We have a dedicated page with up-to-date information on the release date here.
On which platforms will Dead Matter be? (Play Station, Xbox, etc.)
Currently Dead Matter is only being developed for PC.
In the future it might be ported for consoles but it's not guaranteed at this time.
Where can I buy Dead Matter?
Dead Matter is still in development and cannot be bought at this point.
You can, however, pre-order the game on the official store or pledge on Indiegogo (Single Action Pack or more), which will grant you a steam key for the full game on release. You can also participate in the closed alpha.
How can I support Dead Matter?
You can support the game financially on Indiegogo.
What are the official Dead Matter Links? (Website, Twitter, YouTube, etc.)

Technical Questions

What Engine is Dead Matter based on?
Unreal Engine 4.
What are the System Requirements for Dead Matter?
You can find the System Requirements here.


Can I play Dead Matter Singleplayer?
Yes, Dead Matter features Singleplayer besides public and private Multiplayer.
Can I host my own private server for Multiplayer?
Yes, there will be public and private servers, with server files and everything.
How many people can play on one server?
A player count around 60-80 is the current goal, but it's a bit too early to say what will run smooth.
Will there be mods for Dead Matter?
Yes, Dead Matter will support modding.


How big is the map?
In the final game the map will be 20x20km (400km²), for the closed alpha the map will be 8x8km (64km²).
Is there third person view?
What happens when I die in the game? (Permadeath)
It's basically permadeath. You will loose your items when you die, however you will keep recipes unlocked that you learned. Some of your items can be recovered when going to the place of death.
Depending on the circumstances, players might turn into infected themselves and roam the streets as zombies. Not controlled by the player mind you. So you can go and kill the infected version of yourself and reclaim your items.
Is there farming/fishing/hunting?
Yes to all. You can grow crops, fish and hunt.
Are the Zombies runners or walkers? (Undead vs Infected)
Both, some of them will be slow and some of them faster. They are infected, not undead, so they fall more into the runners category, however the fast Zombies are not super-fast, they are more like joggers.
Can you build a base?
Currently there is no building planned. However you can claim already existing structures (Houses, Warehouses, Fire Lookout Towers, etc.) and build inside them, fortify them.
Are there vehicles?
Yes, there is a large variety of vehicles. Cars, Trucks, ATVs, etc. You can also upgrade vehicles and tow objects and other vehicles.
Is the world destructible?
No, buildings, walls and such are indestructible. There is also no ground deformation such as digging.
Are there special Zombies? (Bosses)
No, there will be no special Zombies in that way. There will be soldier zombies and the like, wearing body armor, who will be more difficult to put down.


August 22nd, 2020
hey can u guys send me a key please im broke. thanks you
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July 7th, 2020
What is a dead matter key?
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