Weekly News Roundup #6

Perks, New Weapons, Performance and More

Mining Hazards
New Weapon: M-416
SVD Dragunov Update
C7/8 Update
Door Interactivity
Building Progress
Police Incident Report

Welcome to our sixth Weekly News Roundup, in which we report the news surrounding Dead Matter from the past week.

Mining Hazards

Nomad has been working on adding gameplay elements to the mine that was shown in Dev Vlog #09. One of the points of interest down in the mines will be refuge chambers, scattered across the place. Some of the dangers found in the mines will be toxic water flooded chambers and noxious gas. Players will have to explore and solve problems to get past these hurdles.
A new way to interact with the environment has been shown, the Unreal's built-in media framework, which will allow for interactive terminals.

New Weapon: M-416

Tac_Error has been working on a new weapon, the M-416, with barrel variants of 11", 14", 16" and 20". Next up are attachments and a legendary version.

SVD Dragunov Update

Stefan Engdahl has finished modeling and texturing the SVD Dragunov rifle, as well as a backer skin with engravings.

C7/8 Update, Weapon Sounds, Dual Wielding

Shiny Haxorous has been working on replacing sounds for many of the pistols and rifles in the game. He also prototyped the ability to wield pistol and flashlight at the same time. He also implemented new textures for the C7/8 Rifle, which were made by contributor Alex Scorpion.

Door Interactivity

Gunschlinger has been working on how doors will function in the game, they are now physics based and can be pushed open by both players and AI.


Gunschlinger has also been working on the occupation and perk system, which will affect your characters strengths, weaknesses and starting equipment.
Players will get a number of perk points to spend, when creating their character. Former occupations on the other hand will come with preset perks and the amount of perk points to spend will vary based on the chosen occupation. Occupation will also change the S.E.D.A stats.
Some of the positive perks that have been added:
Desensitized - Immune to suppressive fire
Slow Metabolism - Character needs to eat less
Low Thirst - Character needs to drink less
Athletic - Faster vaulting and running speed
Thief - Faster crouch speed
Low Profile - AI has a harder time detecting you
Thick Skin - Less likely to bleed when injured
Partyboy/girl - Less likely to get drunk
EMT - Character uses medical items faster
Country Born - Identify poisonous plants easily
Pistol Proficiency - Better with Pistols
Rifle Proficiency - Better with Rifles
Shotgun Proficiency - Better with Shotguns
Melee Proficiency - Better with Melee
Handyman - Faster Crafting speed
Scrapper - Crafting requires less resources
5 Star Cook - Character can cook advanced food
Engineer - Character can craft advanced items
Swimmer - Faster swim speed
Mechanic - Character repairs vehicles faster
Driver - Character is better at driving/handling vehicles
Donor - Forces your BloodType to be O negative
Negative perks the player can choose to increase the amount of perk points available:
Paranoid - Play random gunshots around the character
Clumsy - Make sounds while crouch-walking
Fast Metabolism - Character needs to eat more
High Thirst - Character needs to drink more
Osteoporosis - Higher chance to break your bones, lower limb health
Obese - Slower walking, running, and vaulting speed
Peanut Allergy - Cant consume products that contain peanuts
Diabetes - Requires Insulin every now and then
Lactose Intolerant - Can’t consume milk products without negative effects

Building Progress

Shirk continued his work on optimizing the collision meshes and adding LoDs for all the buildings in the game. As mentioned in the previous news round up, his work on optimizing the buildings will increase the game's performance quiet significantly.

Police Incident Report

Another glimpse at the game's lore we get in the form of this police incident report.


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