Weekly News Roundup #3

New Clouds/Sky, New Weapons and Zombie AI

New Clouds/Sky
Reworked Mosin Nagant & Ruger 10/22
Zombie Progress

Welcome to our third Weekly News Roundup, in which we report the news surrounding Dead Matter from the past week.

New Clouds/Sky

Shirk and Nik Z have been working on new a sky material, which supports day and night transitions. The clouds are texture based, not volumetric, but look good nonetheless.
Besides some screenshots, they shared two videos showing the new clouds in action, you can watch them here and here.

Reworked Mosin Nagant & Ruger 10/22

Dead Matter contributor Stefan Engdahl has finished two new rifles. Both were previously in the game, but have been remade from scratch. Three variants of the infamous Mosin Nagant rifle and the Ruger 10/22.

Zombie Progress

In regards to Zombies, Programmer Gunschlinger has continued working on the behavior of Zombies that are set on fire, as well as pathfinding, especially with obstacles such as stairs, making sure they will find a way to reach the player, which works pretty good for the most part.
Shirk has started working on the texture side of the Zombies on fire, making them look burned.


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