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The Alpha Release Has Been Delayed Until Summer 2019

Previous Delay
The New Release Schedule

The release date of the Dead Matter Alpha has been delayed, the team announced in a new Community Update on the official blog. It will launch in summer 2019.

Previous Delay

The game was already delayed before, the previous goal was to release the closed Alpha by the end of 2018, but in November 2018 an announcement was made that the game will be 8-10 weeks late, so it should have been in the backers hands by February 2019.
Back then, the main reason for the delay was the fact that three people left the development team, leaving only a core team of three people working on the game.

The New Release Schedule

Unfortunately now we are facing another delay, pushing the release date back to (at least) Summer of 2019. We recommend you head over to the original blog post and give it a read, it goes into great detail as to the reasons why.
Making a game takes time, lots of time. Problems and tasks along the way sometimes end up eating up much more time than expected and estimating a release date is not easy for a small independent team such as QI, they are however very transparent and doing a good job at keeping the community in the loop.
The team doesn't feel like the game is ready to be released in its current state. Nobody likes waiting, but releasing the game too early, even if it is just a closed alpha, will certainly do more harm than good. First impressions count, releasing a game in a too incomplete and/or unstable state can be the death of it. Early bad press and opinions can be very damaging, and some games didn't survive because of this.
So delaying the game, although a bit unfortunate, is a reasonable step in ensuring a good first reception and later success. From what we gathered, most of the community and backers understand this fact and are being supportive of the decision, and so are we.


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