Development Vlog #2 Breakdown

Gestures, Emotes, Character Customization, New Locations and more

Gestures / Emotes
Unreal Engine 4.20
Shacks & Healthcare Center
Player Character Customization
New Gameplay Features
New Locations & Props

Breakdown of the second Dev Vlog, posted on August 3rd, 2018.

Author Note: This post was made during the Dead Matter development and some of the information provided may be outdated at the time of reading. The images in this post are screenshots from a video, we apologize for the blurriness and low quality.

Gestures / Emotes

A new gesture / emote system has been added, allowing for non-verbal communication with other players. It's used with a simple radial menu. So far there are options to wave, give a thumbs up or flip off others.
One planned emote is rock, paper, scissors. That's one way to settle which of your group members will get the new shiny rifle that you just looted... Another planned emote is whistling.

Unreal Engine 4.20

The Unreal Engine was updated to the latest version 4.20, bringing some nice enhancements to the game's lighting system.

Shacks & Healthcare Center

Developer Shirk has created some shacks, trailers and a small healthcare center.

Player Character Customization

Character artist DogToothGC has been working on the character meshes. They now support body morphs, so you can make your character anything between skinny and fat. Eye color, skin tone, hair color and much more can be customized as well.
When creating your character you will be able to choose a former occupation (I.e. What you were doing before the outbreak), giving you some perks. Besides that you will be able to choose traits for roleplaying.
Former occupations include:
Unemployed (Gets 6 extra perk points)
Park Ranger (Will not get attacked by animals and has the ability to identify foraged foods)
Auto Mechanic (Vehicle mods created have a 10% damage resistance bonus, instantly unlocks unique vehicle mods)
Police Officer (20% damage resistance bonus while holding a melee weapon)
Pharmacist (Regains health 15% faster, can create advanced healing items)
The traits shown are:
Universal Donor (Able to transfuse blood to anyone)
Afraid of the dark (Health and movement speed are increased during the night, decreased during the day)
Unidextrous (Better at handling pistols and one handed melee weapons, worse with rifles and two handed melee weapons)
Recovering addict (Drugs have doubled effect and it takes more to overdose)
Carrier (Immune to infection at the cost of being an outcast)
I'm sure the list will grow as development continues. I love having perks and traits, and the "former occupation" approach is great. Big thumbs up for the character creation system so far.

New Gameplay Features

Some new ways of interacting with the Gameworld have been added. You can take fire extinguishers and AEDs (Automated External Defibrillators) from walls and use them, the AED requires an electrical charge, so it cannot be used any longer when the power is out.
Another new feature is lockpicking, which works just like it does in some other games such as Fallout, no reason to reinvent the wheel here.

New Locations & Props

3D artist Nomad has been working on some new locations and assets for the map. A paintball field, an abandoned coal mine as well as a go-kart track - with working go-karts.


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