Development Diary #6

Rocks, Stream, Double Barrel Shotgun and more

Utility Poles & Rocks
More Rocks, Stream & Gravel
Towable Trailer Home
Double Barrel Shotgun

Development Diary #6, posted on the official Dead Matter Forums on December 17th, 2017.

Author Note: This post was made early in the Dead Matter development and some of the information provided may be outdated at the time of reading.

Utility Poles & Rocks

Environmental artist Shirk has created utility poles for power lines, for the electrical grid. These poles utilize sockets, which will auto populate cables between poles, the ground and even houses.
Also made by Shirk are these rocks. Not much to say here, I think they look very good, and it's nice to see the environment slowly coming together for a realistic looking Alberta.

More Rocks, Stream & Gravel

Yadda has also been working on environment assets. He created a bunch of different rocks to be scattered across the map.
He also worked on lake/stream assets with moving water, which looks pretty good but still needs some work. You can see it in action here.

He also mentions that in winter, bodies of water will freeze over, making it harder to gather drinking water. How exactly seasons will work in Dead Matter is not known at this point.
Besides the rocks and lake, Yadda also shows us a gravel road path he's been working on.

Towable Trailer Home

Nomad is currently working on a towable trailer home, which sounds like a great concept which, to my knowledge, we haven't seen in any survival game before.
To add more variety, the idea is to make the trailer modular, so it can spawn with different interior layouts. It might have an extra bed or more storage for your hoarding needs.

Double Barrel Shotgun

Last but not least we take a look at a new weapon, the Double Barrel Shotgun, made by Dusty. As all the other weapons it has customization options, such as stock, barrel and various attachments.


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